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I've always supported Amnesty International, receiving its magazines and donating each month. It is a voice for the oppressed and persecuted in the world’s darkest corners. Its position on abortion, however, is simply incompatible with mine. An article on page 24 of its Summer 2018 magazine dismisses abortion as a mere ‘healthcare issue’. Breedah Hughes paints pro-life people with the same brush as those who shoot abortionists in America. She even goes on to say that only mid-wives should be described as pro-life; no one else should qualify.

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One Sunday morning this month, it was our privilege to welcome into membership a lady who has been worshipping with us for some time. I had duly been to visit her so I might offer assurance to the deacons of her spiritual state and explain to her the Congregational way. All was well and good; the Church Meeting approved her application and she was formally welcomed after the Lord’s Supper.

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God always gives His best to those who leave the choice with Him.

-Jim Elliot

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On Good Friday, a few of us were handing out leaflets when a gentleman approached me. He was very keen to tell me about his Christian radio station based in Pendle. He returned a little later with a stash of leaflets. I duly attempted to tune in to  the Jim Rose Show. I pressed a button that read ‘Listen Live Now!’ but I got nothing to work. Was my sound not on? Had I not pressed the button enough times? Had I mis-read the programme schedule? Who knows, but I got no local Christian radio. I hope others prove savvier than I. 

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Regular readers will know my love of ancient earthworks. The one pictured is of a Bronze Age barrow, an elongated burial chamber overlooking Torrisholme, near Morecambe. It commands excellent views of the bay and surrounding hills. Although modern housing encroaches on its slopes, its original prominence can still be appreciated.

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I’ve been invited to attend a course. The advert arrived in my work inbox:

This course will show you how to prevent many ‘difficult' behaviours as well as a wealth of techniques to deal with those which arise regardless of your attempts to prevent them. It offers ways of managing and coping with the following ‘range of behaviours’:

-  Aggressive people – the verbal bully/intimidating person

-  The extra-terrestrial (the person from another planet)

-  The victim – the person who believes that you are plotting against them

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First it was “Farewell To Storyville”; now it's “The Future”, Leonard Cohen’s dark, dystopian vision of things to come, that is going round and round in my head. I won’t quote it in its entirety: it might be too much for some sensitive souls. I’ll just give you the refrain.

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By watching today's royal wedding, I'm going against my principles. No, I'm not some stoney-faced republican objecting to having a royal family. Quite the opposite. The principle against which I trespass is one of not sitting indoors on a sunny Saturday watching television. Sadly, I had neither the time nor money to attend Windsor in person (the town, that is; I was never likely to be considered for an invitation). Watch it, however, I shall. You see, it reminds me of another wedding, one to which I am invited. It too will take place in the sunlight, watched by a countless multitude.