God Save the Labour Party

There’s something wrong at the heart of the British Labour Party. Local Labour Clubs have been photographed flying the communist hammer and sickle while the official Communist Party has proclaimed its support for Jeremy Corbyn. At this point, we should note the 60 million who suffered at the hands of communist dictatorships, and the many Christians who were tortured and imprisoned thereunder.

Munroe Bergdorf was recently appointed an advisor to a Labour Shadow Minister. This transgender individual was forced to resign after her tweets claiming that ‘all white people’ engage ‘in racial violence’ were unearthed as well, bizarrely, as homophobic material. One questions why she was appointed to start with?


The Labour Party recently held an ‘equalities conference’ which was only open to ‘those who self-define in any of the following categories: women, disabled, BAME and LGBT+. You [can] define yourself as one or all.’ For those not conversant with politically correct acronyms, BAME stands for Black And Ethnic Minorities and LGBT+ for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender. The plus sign denotes any further categories of sexual identity not included or invented at the time of going to print. Jargon aside, the equality conference was not available to white people attracted to the opposite gender.


Likewise, at the party’s 2018 East Midlands Conference, white people were charged ten pounds more for admission than people of colour. I understand that people with limited means should gain a discount, but why should skin pigmentation affect your ticket price?

Let’s contrast all this to the party’s founding fathers. Keir Hardie, the first Labour MP, campaigned on the following ticket:


He’d get my vote. It’s high time that Labour ditches its infatuation with patronising, metropolitan liberalism and starts trying to improve the lives of ordinary people. And this won’t be achieved by indulging in starry-eyed nostalgia for Josef Stalin and Chairman Mao, nor in holding conferences that exclude most working-class people.

Hardie campaigned for ‘open spaces laid down in grass’ as a remedy for atheism in Britain’s cities. George William Foote, a contemporary ‘free thinker’ (ie atheist) complained about his affection for Christ, saying ‘we appeal to him, in all sincerity, not to press the new wine of Humanitarianism [ie socialism] into the old bottles of Christianity’. Foote’s aggressively secular brand of socialism certainly seems to be winning the day.