John Kenyon: Onward and Upward

A relative of two of our deacons, Mr John Kenyon, wrote something of an autobiography in 1961 which was recently lent to me. He was born in 1873 in Bolton by Bowland, and recalled living at Ribchester, Malham and Slaidburn. Although his was a fairly ordinary life, it was a thoroughly interesting read. He recalls going on a caravan holiday around Scotland in the 1890s and selling horses at Martin Top. Although not a religious work, the author was a godly man, avoiding bad language and Sunday working. He remembered accompanying one of his friends off preaching at the Wesleyan Methodist at Clitheroe and being rebuked for smoking a pipe after his Sunday lunch. Lovely anecdotes like this fill the pages. I'd love to have met the man; one day, I think I shall.