House Group

What We Offer

[Please note until mid-November 2016 the group meets on a Monday evening and will revert to Tuesdays thereafter.]

Our house group is held fortnightly on Tuesday evenings at 19:30, we gather in Clitheroe at the leader's household - Jake Damson. The aim is to explore a prepared course on themes from the Bible, gaining knowledge and inspiration for our walk with the Lord. The Word of God is vital to the Christians life, and with the house group we have a chance to share our opinions; learning from the precious Word by encouraging one another and testifying to God's work in our lives. Aiming to be accessible for all, the courses are self prepared by Jake using material for Christians of both basic and mature Biblical knowledge.  

Before we delve into the Word, there is usually a small time of praise and prayer, followed by an opportunity to share any blessings or teachings we have personally received from the Lord. Plus refreshments are always provided! 

 Sometimes the weekday it is held on can change, this is due to the leader and his wife running Christianity Explored courses (details on website). Please understand that this is an open invitation to anyone; no matter what church you attend, or even if you don't go to church, all are welcome to join us. Any questions please ring Jake on his personal number: 07854673615.

2 John Verse 6 - This is love, that we walk according to His commandments. This is the commandment, that as you heard from the beginning, you should w